Sunday School

Our Sunday school takes care of the spiritual nurturing of the children, by bringing them up in the knowledge and fellowship of Jesus Christ and His Church. The classes range from Pre- K to 12th grade. The Orthodox Vacation Bible School (OVBS) conducted during the summer holidays is a very vibrant wing of the Sunday school.


Stephen James Principal
Shiji Mathan Assistant Principal
Merin/Simi Pre-K
Merin/Simi Kindergarten
Sheeba Cherian 1st Grade
Kochamma/Ammu 2nd Grade
Sheeba Naveen/Ancy 3rd Grade
Remya/Jeena 4th Grade
Beena/Emil 5th Grade
Sheena/Leena 6th Grade
Joseph Cherian/Mithun 7th Grade
Somy 8th Grade
Sarah 9th Grade
Rinil 10th Grade
Treasurin 11th Grade
Paul Yohannan 12th Grade


17 Jul, 21